The highly specialized and wide-ranging Dubai Derma exhibition is expected to cover an exhibition space of over 8000 sqm. More than 375 companies are anticipated to showcase over 700 leading brands.



Exhibition Profile

Acne Medicines & Treatments

Aesthetic Medical Devices

AHA Products

Anti-Aging Products

Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Anti-Microbial Washes & Gels


Aroma Body Care


Baby Care Products

Balms & Ointments

Beauty Services

Body Contouring System

Body Exfoliates

Body Hygiene

Body Oils & Aromatherapy

Cellulite Treatments

Chemical Skin Peels

Collagen Treatments


Curing Lasers/Lights

Dermabrasion Technology


Dermatology Associations

Dermatology Products & Instruments

Dermatology & Skin Disease Detectors

Detergents & Disinfectants

Educational Institution

Electrosurgical Equipments


Essential Oils

Facial Masks, Enzymes, Scrubs


Facial Moisturizers

Fitness Equipments

Foot Care Products

Glycolic Acid Products

Hair Care Products

Hair Inhibitors

Hair Treatments

Hair Ornaments

Hair Removal Equipments

Hair Transplantation

Hand & Body Moisturizers

Herbal Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies



Hygiene Appliances

Internal Skin Care


Laser Delivery Devices

Laser Surgical Instruments

Laser System & Platforms

Laser Therapy

Massage System

Medical Beauty Equipment

Medical Implants

Mesotherapy Treatments

Microdermabrasion Procedures

Mineral Baths & Salts

Nail Treatments

Natural Product & Fruit Acids

Nutrition Supplements

Personal Care

Pharmaceuticals & Drugs

Photo Equipment for Dermatology

Pigment Control Products

Pigmentation / Hyperpigmentation    Treatments

Plastic Surgery

Post Peel Products

Professional Apparatus  for Spa Industry

Publishers & Magazines

Restoring Moisture

Retinoid & Other Anti-Aging Products

Scars & Stretch Marks Treatment

Self Tanning Machines & Products

Shampoos & Conditioners

Silicon Products

Skin Care Products

Skin Cleansing / Toning

Skin Fillers

Skin Healing

Skin Peeling Products

Skin Rejuvenation Products

Skin Treatment

Skin Whitening & Bleaching

Soaps & Soap Kits

Soft Peel

Spa Treatments

Sun Protection

Tissue Enhancement Products

Vitamin Therapies

Well-Being Products

Wound Care

Wrinkles & Hydration Treatments


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