DUBAI: The UAE healthcare sector caters to a rapidly growing population with an increase of activities in this market especially in over the counter medications, medical experts disclosed in Dubai on Tuesday.

They say that demand for dermatology solutions has been showing remarkable growth in the Middle East region especially in the UAE market and this is evident at the Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition — Dubai Derma, which opened on Tuesday.

Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water officially inaugurated the three-day event which is dedicated to practitioners, specialists, manufacturers and distributors in the field of dermatology, skin care and laser.

The show brings together the latest technology in skin care through specialized exhibition, lectures, courses and workshops.

The industry is growing in line with the growth of other economic sectors and consumer spend power in the region,” says Dr Ali F Abdulqader, Managing Director, Al Hikma.“Cosmetology is a beginning industry as evidenced by growing number of international companies exhibiting creams and specialized equipment at this conference.

At Al Hikma we are showcasing a wide range of products from our portfolio of beauty brands.

The products brought by Al Hikma to the region are distinguished by their components backed by extensive pre-launch studies to ensure that customers get top of the line solutions,” explained Abdulqader.

On the same note, Dr Lina Kouatly Managing Director for Lunatus says that the UAE is by far the most important market especially for Lunatus, followed closely by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

“We are planning to spread our footprint to other emerging markets in the region such as Lebanon and Oman,” says Dr Lina.