“This event gets bigger every year, it is well organized and the conference gives better quality of lecture”.

Babar Rao , MD
Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist
New York – United States of America

“Dubai Derma congress is very well organized, it’s a fantastic experience collecting a lot of topics, high level participants and speakers all over the world.”

Giovanni Pellacani , MD
President of World Congress of Dermatology 2019
Modena – Italy

“I really enjoyed this conference. This is internationally competent with wide topics and a great venue to connect each other all over the world.”

Kenji Kabashima, MD
Professor and Chairman of Dermatology
Kyoto – Japan

“I am very happy to have such organization like Dubai Derma that encourages skincare experts produce the best and to discuss the highest most important things in the field of dermatology.”

Abeer Al Kobaisi , MD
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
Manama – Bahrain

“I am really impressed with the organization of the event and the quality of presentations in the latest aspects of dermatology. I think this is developing to be one of the major meetings not only in the Middle East but the entire world. I look forward to be part of the 2023 World Congress here in Dubai.”

Jouni Uitto , MD
Professor of Dermatology
Pennsylvania – United States of America

“Dubai Derma is the biggest all over the middle east. I can see in the attendance, the size of exhibition and the size of the people present here, its non-comparable to any other congress.”


“Dubai Derma is extremely amazing. Every year there are more companies joining, new information shared and new products showcased. The event is growing; we are very appreciative with the organization!”


“Dubai Derma is one of the most iconic events we attended and we are really impressed that every year the event is getting bigger and bigger. We are taking the biggest hall at the Dubai World Trade Centre and we are very happy for that.”


“The event is amazing. It’s one of the bests in medical aesthetics. I would like to thank the organizers for their professionalism”


“Dubai Derma has been the best place for us in exhibiting our dermatology products. We have launched a lot of products in the Dubai Derma platform.”

Leader Healthcare

“This is our first time to exhibit in Dubai and it has exceeded all of my expectations.”

MAD Skincare, USA

“Our plan is to join for the next 10 years. Dubai Derma is one of the best aesthetic exhibition all over the world.”

Al Karma International

“Dubai Derma is great, active and with a lot of competition. Perfect platform to showcase our products and services.”


To be honest, Dubai Derma is one of the biggest regional event that we participate and invest heavy because the outcome is fantastic.


DubaiDerma2017 PostShowReport


Dubai Derma 2016 Testimonials

Dubai Derma is a very successful exhibition, we had new and potential customers from all over the world. We had an experience of very great interest in our products, we are very satisfied and we will be here next year again!

Mr. John Spedtsberg

Venus Concept – Canada

Dubai Derma in conjunction with the 5th Continental Congress of Dermatology by International Society of Dermatology is really fantastic. They really prepared a very superb scientific program, the venue is so big and spacious and the hospitality is unparalleled, everything is just perfect!

Dr. Evangeline Handog

President – International Society of Dermatology

This is the fourth time for me to attend Dubai Derma. I own two clinics, third and fourth are both coming on the road, attending Dubai Derma with my fellow doctors is one of my top priorities because I must keep up with the latest developments in the world of cosmetics and dermatology and I make sure to get the latest skincare equipment and solutions. I find Dubai Derma to be better organized, the look is much better, the quality of displayed products and solutions is more advanced and the overall quality is even better. I am so proud that in Dubai, the GCC, and the Arab World, we have this important exhibition – Dubai Derma, where international companies and providers strive to participate in it.

Ms. Joelle Mardinian

TV Presenter & Owner, Maison de Joelle and Clinica Dubai

Dubai Derma is always an excellent meeting. This year it has phenomenal speakers, every year it gets better and better! I am enjoying the meeting and the city of Dubai, I have met a lot of new and old friends, the event just keeps on growing and there’s so much to do!

Dr. David Mehregan

Conference Speaker – USA

We are participating in Dubai Derma for the last 6years and we gain market share more than 50% increase every year. Dubai Derma is one of the major exhibition area for dermatology wherein the dermatologists from different parts of the world are attending the event. We get a lot of benefit because we met our customer, make better branding and better positioning for our product.

Mr. Tarek Murtada

Ego Pharmaceuticals – Gulf Region

We have been participating in Dubai Derma for many years now and were really glad we have met a lot of healthcare professionals. We are proud to be here. There is a diverse amount of people and there are so many smiles of people’s faces. There is always a lot to see, a lot to know, and we always met a lot of different people.

Mr. Mahitap Hossam


I find Dubai Derma organization really excellent! I really like the lectures because there is wide variety of different topics and apart from that, the exhibition is large! You can find all the products that you are interested in. This is a great organization and I am so happy to be here.

Dr. Maria-Angeliki Gkini

Conference Speaker – Greece

Dubai Derma is one of the main Dermatology event in the region. It has the biggest conference with a very huge exhibition area. A lot of doctors attend in this event and we are here to meet all of them. We are happy to participate and celebrate with this very excellent event year after year!

Dr. Hussam Salama

Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmetique – UAE

Dubai Derma is an extremely well organized conference; I am pleased that I am here for the first time. It was a pleasure to be invited, it is very well organized with a perfect setting, wonderful hall, and many participants so I am impressed and this will not be the last time I will be here.

Dr. Thomas Ruzicka

Conference Speaker – Germany

I would like to thank the organizers for allowing us residents to present cases in such an International and well-known Conference. I’m attending every year and there’s a big change this year, the exhibition is bigger and the lectures are beneficial for us and very much up to date and we learned a lot from the speakers. Every time we come, we see something new and everything is clear, organized, you don’t feel lost like other conferences.

Dr. Al-Mu’tasim Hamood Al Qassabi

Case Presenter – Oman

We are here every year because it is the best place where we promote our products. We met thousands of doctors daily for the 3 days, this is the right place for us! Every year the doctors are increasing and the halls are growing. The organizers are too good, excellent people, the event is well organized!

Ms. Flavia Sunitha

Eucerin / NMC – UAE

I was very pleasantly surprised as to the location, it’s very beautiful venue, very well organized, and the people are very responsive when we asked questions. Everything was pre-arranged earlier and it was very well organized.

Dr. Rokea El Azhary

Conference Speaker – USA

Dubai Derma 2016 has been a great conference. I would like to congratulate the organizers for the excellent work and great success. The organization has been top class, everything has been attended to, the hospitality is excellent, the scientific program is very beneficial and I am impressed by the number of people participated in different parts of the world. Dubai Derma is growing from year to year, congratulations!

Dr. Venkataram Mysore

Conference Speaker – India

The conference is very well organized, very ample space for the exhibitors as well as for the lectures. Everyone is welcoming, very high level of conference with high interest. I look forward to come again!

Dr. Lawrence Gibson

Conference Speaker – USA

We are here in Dubai Derma because working with dermatologists for us is very important, this congress is one of the most important in the region. The organization is perfect!

Ms. Karen Winuchi

Loreal Middle East

I like Dubai, I like the people here, I like their hospitality and I find Dubai Derma very interesting. This is second time for me. This year, the congress is bigger, there are 3 Conference and 3 Exhibition halls and more people, I am so happy to be part of this event. There is an excellent organization. This is the best-organized Conference that I have ever seen because every year I go about 3 conference in abroad, like Paris, Monte Carlo and other Conferences and I find this organization really really excellent!

Dr. Maria Sifaki

Conference Speaker – Greece

Dubai Derma is a great place to network and interact because there’s a lot of information that is presented in the meeting and a lot of very interesting things presented in the exhibition hall. The organization has done a job well done, very professional!

Dr. Clay Cockerel

Conference Speaker – USA

It’s been a pleasure and an opportunity in general to be at this world congress – Dubai Derma. It’s my first time to Dubai and the congress, there is a good attendance, good lectures and good speakers. The meeting is excellent is should be done again and I hope to return. The experience was exceptional, the weather was nice. Definitely my trip was worthwhile. 

Dr. Kenneth Tomecki

Conference Speaker – USA

Dubai Derma is exponentially growing and this year it has grown in terms of scientific program in addition to the exhibition hall. Last year we just had 1 scientific hall, this year we have 3 running in concurrent sessions. In addition, the scientific content has also changed last year we only had 3 hours of clinical case presentation, this time we have whole day for that. The content and the programs getting much larger in addition to the exhibition hall has atleast 25% larger than last year too.

Dr. Hassan Galadari

Head of Scientific Committee – Dubai Derma

The professional level of organization is superb and we are really thankful for the organizational committee and scientific committee, the level of experts that were invited is world renowned and more people attended. This conference speaks by itself to the credibility of Dubai derma.

Dr. Nellie Konnikov

Conference Speaker– USA

Dubai Derma Conference is important for me to attend because this kind of conference makes me connect to different people from different parts of the world. Things are much easier this year and I liked it.

Dr. Deepti Bandekar

Conference Speaker – Oman

We are participating in Dubai Derma to meet the dermatologists from all over the world. Dubai is the place to be, so we are proud to be here in the Middle East to represent a French brand!  We are very happy with the organizers, they are very reactive and we have been working with them for many years!

Ms. Jennifer Dewavrin

Isis Pharma – UAE

This is a wonderful congress, very well organized and we found a lot of valuable costumers, it is really enjoyable! The exhibition is getting bigger every year, even the number of participants increased. The organizers did a good job!

Mr. Jun Lee

Medytox – South Korea

We are very pleased with the event, there is a big development each year. I think there is 25% improvement every year which is very very amazing, it is improving yearly. See you next year!

Ms. Kiriaki Zartaloudi

Sandine Zartaux – UK

This is the 8th year that we’ve been part of Dubai Derma, it’s one of the main events in dermatology in the middle east. It is a good platform to meet people across the region to display our products and services. This is one of the most successful year that we have seen! The organization this year is spectacular, and we see the increase of number of the participants not only in the region but also across the world!

Uriage – Middle East

Dubai derma is one of the biggest event specialized in beauty and aesthetic but it is the medical part which is more oriented to the doctors and plastic surgeon. This is a very important social meeting! The halls are bigger, there are more participation from Far East Asia, more European companies, more attendees and speakers, and the scientific part of the event this year is fantastic! The organizers of the event always supported us and they are always doing their best, there are many events during the year but I believe Dubai Derma will still and will stay for the future one of the best!

Hyaronic – Korea

Our participation is a great experience! The organization is excellent, the event is flawless, very good exhibitors, and we are very happy to be here. We have done very good contact, we have seen great people who are very much interested in our products, this is a great platform to interact and to speak directly to the potential skincare markets!

SOLO – Brazil

Dubai Derma 2015 Testimonials

We are very successful with participating in Dubai Derma 2015. We met a lot of potential clients and new clients. Middle East Market is very big, we met a lot of visitors every year. We are participating in 2016 as well, we already signed up!

Kelly Kim
International Sales Deputy Manager
Caregen Co., Ltd
South Korea

Dubai Derma is definitely one of the best congresses in the region. In terms of attendance, it’s a very good attendance, we have the right doctors from all countries. The doctors we’ve sponsored are very happy. It is a good exposure for us in skincare industry. We will exhibit again next year, as always.

Lulu Alrahbani
Business Unit Manager

We’ve been coming for 10years, this has been a very very interesting year, we’ve seen an increase in the flow of people into the booth and business is very good. We have already booked for next year with double the space!

Dr. William Agostini
International Training Manager

From our first participation in 2006, I have seen Dubai Derma growing and growing. This year is the biggest I’ve seen. It presented us a good venue for us to meet all source of people, it’s a good place for proper networking in the aesthetic medical industry.

Nazih Khattar
Managing Director
Kalium Drugstore

We are very excited this year, we met a lot of potential partners. Dubai Derma is the only congress which is highly focusing on medical aesthetic in the Middle East. This is a very good opportunity for our business.

David Choi
Medytox Inc.
South Korea

We have been participating in Dubai Derma since long time and every year the event is expanding, very good number of participants this year, we have high traffic in the exhibition especially in our booth, lots of crowd are coming and we are very happy with the hits this year. We will be in Dubai Derma 2016, as always!

Haitham Tawfik
Sales & Marketing Manager
Ego Pharmaceuticals
UAE & Oman

Dubai Derma is getting bigger and a lot of new comers every year. The good thing about Dubai Derma for us, being the regional company, it attracts Doctors & Technicians from outside like KSA, Jordan and other countries as well. We are happy with the service provided.

Nashat Wali
Sales Manager

Dubai Derma is a very good meeting. I am very surprised with how many people are here, large number of exhibitors and a good location. This time of the year is the great time to have the meeting. I have to come back again.

Dr. Clay Cockerell
Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Pathology
Texas, USA

The organization has been absolutely superb, the delegates seems ranging from all parts of the world. The content of the conference is excellent coz it covers all interests of dermatologists.

Dr. Chris Bunker
Consultant Dermatologist
London, UK

The conference is very important for us dermatologist to keep up to date, a lot of things are happening, we are getting new solutions all the time so we have to stay with the speed of our field, congress such as Dubai Derma are a great opportunity to set a broad spectrum of news in many areas of dermatology.

Dr. Marcus Maurer
Professor of Dermatology & Allergy
Berlin, Germany

Dubai Derma Conference is a very exciting meeting, I have learned a lot. I have talked to a lot of colleagues with new things and it helped me a lot with my clinical practices.

Dr. Jorge Ocampo Candiani
Monterrey, Mexico

The organization is very good, very well organized. The level of scientific presentation is very high. The audience are very much engaged in the presentation and asking questions.

Dr. Henry Lim
Michigan, USA

The exhibition is exciting, the exhibitors are enthusiastic to be here. People were engaged with the Exhibitors and I saw things that I’ve never before seen at the Dermatology Meeting. It was really a lot of fun. Dubai is the most friendly city I’ve been in the world. I hope to come next year!

Dr. Barbara Mathes
Clinical Associate Professor – Dept. of Dermatology
Pennsylvania, USA

Dubai Derma Previous Testimonials…

 I’m very happy because year after year I see that Dubai Derma becomes a big congress in the Middle East and worldwide. I see more and more dermatologists with high quality lectures.  It’s important for the laboratories in the region to participate and support Dubai Derma to become a world congress.

Jean Gerard
General Manager
Middle East, Asia & Iran

Dubai Derma is an exciting event; we had very good exposure to regional doctors from across the region and from different countries. We are looking forward to launch more of our products in Dubai Derma 2014.

Nidal Naji
Regional Sales Director

We participate in Dubai Derma every year and consider the participation to be valuable. Dubai Derma is very well-organised; the attendance to our stand was very good and better than the previous years. The quality of the visitors is great.

Assaad Atallah
Managing Director

We are attending Dubai Derma for many years and it is becoming bigger and bigger. It’s important for us to attend this major event in the Middle East which provided a great business platform where we meet a lot of Dermatologists from the Middle East.

Hanane Flayou
Director, Middle East
Isis Pharma

Dubai Derma is the biggest event in the Middle East and Asia. More than 1500 doctors visited our booth. It’s a good opportunity for us to be in Dubai Derma and we have a plan to make a bigger booth next year.

Jamil Maalouf
General Manager
Dansys Medical & Aesthetic Equipment

It’s our 6th year in Dubai Derma and we had a tremendous experience. Dubai Derma 2013 has been a wonderful event. We saw the improvement of the crowd flow into our booth and this year has been a very good year for us.

William Scott Agostini
Export Manager
ICIM International Srl

It’s Medica’s 10th year in Dubai Derma. The organisation is amazing that’s why we keep on coming every year. We have a big stand this year and participants are enthusiastic to come to us to know the latest technology.

Joseph Zgheib
Brand Manager

Dubai Derma is a well-organised event and one of the best that we’ve attended. Next year we plan to have a bigger booth with a bigger investment because we found out that our key customers visit us here and we have a chance to promote our product on a broader perspective with more number of customers.

Dr. Javed Nazami
Brand Manager

We celebrate another year in Dubai Derma; we are growing very fast and each year is always better. We have live treatments in our booth to show our machine and technology for non-invasive medical treatments. The doctors tried the machines and we are achieving great results.

Roger Treit
MC Body

Dubai Derma Conference is very well organised and the sessions run very smoothly. It was very exciting with lots of people and great topics. The real edge of Dubai Derma is the variety of topics that covers General Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology, Surgical Pathology and Cosmetics. It’s a one-stop shop for dermatology education.

Harvey Lui, MD, FRCPC
Professor and Chairman
Department of Dermatology and Skin Science
University of British Columbia

It’s the largest in the MENA region. I’ve been to other similar events in Asia, Europe and America; Dubai Derma is by far bigger than other major dermatology conferences & exhibitions. The scientific program is intelligently planned and the exhibition hall is vibrant with the participation of the leading companies in the industry.

Hassan Galadari, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Residency Program Director
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences