DUBAI DERMA Exhibition offers not only a unique combination of benefits (as listed below) to enable the exhibitor to communicate the message but also a major opportunity that other forms of selling or media cannot provide as it features two highly valued industries – Skin Care & Aesthetic/Cosmetic lasers.

The skin care industry is a multi-billion dollar business, estimated to be worth USD43 billion per year. It has steadily grown in the past years, and is expected to grow 6.8% more this year (Skin Care Trends).

According to CIBC World Markets, the cosmetic laser market is valued at about $2.8 billion worldwide with an expected growth rate of 15% pa.


The following is a compelling list of benefits exhibiting in Dubai Derma offers:

  • Developing relationships with existing clients
  • Re-establish relationships with old clients
  • An ideal opportunity to develop sales leads for follow up appointments to an already qualified prospect
  • Many senior management visit exhibitions whom sales team may have difficulty reaching in day to day role
  • The buyer comes to the seller in an open environment
  • The five senses appeal of exhibitions – see / hear / touch / taste / smell
  • Live demonstration of goods that are not transportable and cannot be taken on the road
  • The sales team can have all sources of technical backup made available
  • More efficient use of sales force time with less traveling/prospecting required
  • Support of the existing sales network and test it’s effectiveness
  • A product can be launched to the wildest possible audience at a time when interest is at a peak
  • Motivates sales teams as they are all working together to achieve a common objective
  • An effective way to access a mailing list of active prospects
  • Meeting prospects you may not otherwise know about
  • Face to face selling
  • Interaction with people
  • Meeting highly qualified prospects
  • Direct and high-quality communications