ice-bigINDEX Conferences & Exhibitions was established in 1991 for the purpose of organising national, regional, andinternational medical, scientific, educational and trade conferences and exhibitions. Today, ICE organises more than 20 events annually and is known as a total events management company providing all types of events services and facilities under one roof.

The number of events organised by ICE are increasing year after year. During the last 5 years ICE organised 68 events related to health and medical care. Among which are several major international events such as the World Thalassemia Congress, FDI World Dental Congress and the IHF Pan Regional Congress to name a few.

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Provide innovative services to our clients around the world.

Innovate and diversify INDEX as a market leader in: the events industry, healthcare sector and general trading.

• Care & Respect
• Loyalty
• Integrity & Team Work
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Our Goals
• Organisational excellence
• Regional and international growth
• Solid financial performance
• Business partner of choice

Our Objectives
• Diverse and innovative businesses
• Invest in human capital
• Strategic alliances and joint ventures
• Maintain and grow a sustainable network
• Stewardship of people and the environment